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Water Heatershot water tank installation and repairs

Don't go without hot water! Hot water is one of those things we take for granted… until we don't have it. At Wooley Plumbing, we will get you back to normal in no time! Whether your current water heater needs repair, or your water heater is at the end of its life and you need a new water heater replaced, we can get you back up and running fast and at an affordable price.

Call the water heater experts at Wooley Plumbing today at 805-741-7970 to schedule an appointment for water heater repairs and installation!

Garbage Disposers

Is your garbage disposer clogged? Did it suddenly stop working? Do you not have a garbage disposer but wish you did? The experts at Wooley Plumbing can install a new garbage disposer or replace the one you already have. We will diagnose the problem and determine what is needed to get it back in working order. Whether it requires a simple fix or something more extensive, you can count on Wooley Plumbing. We don't try to fix something if it's not broken and we won't sell you something you don't need. Call us today to schedule an appointment! 

Tub and Shower Valvesshower valve replacement

Leaky tub and shower valves can have long-term effects. Not only does it waste water, it can cause leaks in other areas of your shower and tub causing water damage and mold in your bathroom. Even if your tub valve or shower valve isn't leaking, it may still need to be replaced. If your tub or shower valve isn't pressure balanced you can experience water pressure fluctuations whenever someone in the house uses the water. This can cause not only fluctuations in water pressure, but fluctuations in temperature as well. Fluctuations in temperature can be more than just annoying, it can be dangerous because it can actually cause burns.

If you are having issues with leaks, pressure fluctuations or temperature fluctuations in your tub or shower, call Wooley Plumbing today!


Do you live in an older home? Older homes that haven't be re-plumbed can have a variety of metal pipes including copper, galvanized or even lead. Lead pipes must be removed immediately for you and your family's health but even if you don't have lead piping, metal pipes can have issues with leaking or corrosion over long periods of time. They can also become clogged with mineral deposits or rust out entirely.

Wooley Plumbing has experience with doing partial and complete repipes. We will evaluate your current system and determine where issues exist. Based upon our analysis, we will make recommendations for the best and most cost-effective repiping options. Call us today at 805-741-7970 to schedule an appointment.

Toilets and Fixturestoilet replacement

Wooley Plumbing is expert at installing and repairing toilets and other plumbing fixtures in your home. Whether you need your toilet to stop leaking or flush properly, or you are having issues with your other fixtures such as sinks and drains, call the experts at Wooley Plumbing today. 805-741-7970